3SDL Partners with Airtask to support British Army ISR/CAS training for NATO VJTF Baltic Preparations

 Aug 01, 2016

Airtask Group Is delighted to report it has partnered with 3SDL to support British Army Training.

3SDL reports as follows: 3SDL has been supporting British Army Fire Support Team (FST), Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) training with live airborne Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) and Close Air Support (CAS) emulation since 2012, predominantly in the UK and Kenya. 3SDL’s initial support was for Mission Specific Training (MST) for OP HERRICK Battle Groups (BGs) in preparation for Afghanistan, but that has evolved into 2016’s Collective Training for contingency to Light Role Infantry BGs participating in British Army Training Unit Kenya’s (BATUK’s) Ex Askari Storm. The latest iteration, in Jun/Jul 2016, saw the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards complete Ex Askari Storm as part of their final preparations for NATO’s Very-High-Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF). They were joined by elements of 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade’s HQ as the UK prepares to take over leadership of the VJTF in 2017.

For the Grenadier Guards BG, 3SDL was supported by a new training delivery partner for Kenya, Airtask Group Limited, who delivered a DA42 MPP to Wilson Airfield, Nairobi from its base in Cranfield, UK. The aircraft, which is flown by Airtask pilots, is equipped with 3SDL’s MX15HDi sensor suite, mission system, military Full Motion Video (FMV) datalink and military voice comms, which are operated by 3SDL’s Sensor Operators, who are all Fast Jet CAS SMEs accredited by the UK MoD’s Joint Air land Organisation (JALO). Operating out of both Wilson Airfield and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (in order to meet the 24/7 nature of the pre-planned and on-call ISR/CAS tasking), and backed up with engineering support in Kenya, Africa and the UK, the Airtask DA42 MPP was available to fulfil 100% of the required tasking over the 3 week exercise period and successfully delivered almost 60 hours of flying support. The combination of Airtask pilots and 3SDL Sensor Operators provides a very experienced, knowledgeable and flexible crew that is able to support all of the airborne ISR training requirements of the British Army in Kenya.

For more information on how 3SDL and Airtask Group provide airborne ISR to the British Army, please contact 3SDL’s Max Seaman at Max.Seaman@3sdl.com or Airtask Group's Gordon Muir at Gordon.Muir@airtask.com.


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