A Little bit of Shetland in Cranfield

 Sep 30, 2016

The Shetland Island Council Aircraft G-SICB was basking in the sunshine in Cranfield this morning, a pit stop on it's way back to Shetland post maintenance at Biggin Hill where Avalon Aero performed the SB190 Inspection.

The aicraft is a rare vistor to Cranfield spending most of it's time flying in the Shetland Isles on our Inter Island Scheduled routes it therefore seemed approriate to capture this rare image.  Captain Hughie Manson is taking the aircraft back to it's home base of Tingwall Airport post completion of the maintenance check.  Hughie, our Chief Training Captain is a regular visitor to our Head Offices at Cranfield however he does not regularly get to fly in using one of the Islanders.  More information on the Shetland Operations flights can be found at: