Directflight re-awarded Aerial Surveillance contract by Scottish Government

 Jun 25, 2015

Directflight is extremely pleased to announce the award of a further contract for Aerial Surveillance services on behalf of Scottish Government.

Directflight, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Airtask Group, has been formally awarded the contract with Scottish Government following a tender process and the completion of a mandatory 10 day standstill period, the contract ensures Directflight and Airtask Group continues to hold its place as the longest standing operator of aircraft conducting surveillance activities for fisheries and environmental protection in Scotland working with Marine Scotland on behalf of Scottish Government.

The new contract with Scottish Government, for a period of up to four years, will continue to operate from Directflight’s base at Inverness Airport where 10 dedicated staff are employed to perform the service.  Airtask Group Managing Director Julie Simper stated as follows:

‘I am delighted that Directflight continues to operate this contract, we have worked closely with Scottish Government periodically from 1990 developing new methods of operation to maximise detection of illegal activity by vessels in Scottish waters.  We are also extremely pleased to continue operations from Inverness where all staff have been retained.’

Directflight and Airtask Group also continue to operate the UK Atmospheric Research Aircraft on behalf of BAES Systems, the Natural Environmental Research Council and Met Office as well as Surveillance aircraft on behalf of MMO, the MOD and QinetiQ and a lifeline Scheduled Air service in the Shetland Isles.

In a final statement Julie said:

‘Having ensured it’s continuance in the market as a high quality specialist operator, Airtask Group is now clearly focused on growth and expansion. With a long established highly skilled Team the Group will undoubtedly be able to build upon its secure foundation of knowledge and expertise, this is an extremely exciting time for us’.