In 2005 Directflight undertook range safety case trials with other potential commercial providers and an RAF Nimrod. The trial assessed the ability of the platforms to identify various sized targets, in sea state 5/6, in order to provide a qualitative assessment of their ability to guarantee a safe range environment. The trial demonstrated the efficiency of Airtask Group's MPAs and the operational competence of its crews. Since being appointed, Airtask Group has delivered Hebrides range clearance services on over 40 separate occasions on behalf of both QinetiQ and MoD. The Group is therefore able to demonstrate a proven capability to deliver the required standards for ensuring compliant and safe range operations.

Airtask Group regularly rotates crews on Hebrides Range Surveillance flights carried out to ensure that all crew members are familiar with the range surveillance procedures and requirements. Operating surveillance contracts on behalf of Marine Scotland gives Airtask Group crews further familiarity with the area associated with the range and particularly with the typical shipping and fishing activities working extensively also with the range controllers at Aberporth and Plymouth.