Shetland Island Scheduled Inter Islands Air Service Update

 Jun 30, 2014

Following the temporary withdrawal of Rescue and Firefighting Services (RFFS) on the Shetland Islands of Foula and Out Skerries,  on the 16th June 2014, Directflight  suspended the PSO Air Service since the availability of a prescribed RFSS was judged to be necessary for the provision of a Commercial Air Transport service to these specific islands. The Shetland Island Council and the Airfield Trusts are seeking to reinstate the RFFS as soon as possible and Directflight is assisting in this process. Directflight has also submitted a safety case to the Civil Aviation Authority proposing a possible temporary reduced interim air service, to Foula and Out Skerries, for which it is awaiting notification of its possible acceptance. In the event that this is forthcoming, details of the interim service and the conditions that will apply, will be notified to the Shetland Island Council.