Shetland Plane

Shetland Island Scheduled Inter Islands Air Service Update - Restricted flights now available for Island residents

 Jul 04, 2014

Directflight is pleased to advise that a restricted service has now commenced to the Islands of Foula and Outer Skerries having reported previously that following the temporary withdrawal of Rescue and Firefighting Services (RFFS) on the Shetland Islands on the 16th June 2014, Directflight had suspended the PSO Air Service.

Following submission of a detailed risk assessment to the Civil Aviation Authority, Directflight recommences a limited service to both Islands with immediate effect. The service is restricted to a maximum of two rotations to each of the Islands per week and is subject to increased weather restrictions whist there remains no RFFS provision in place. As is the nature of the service provision, services are provided as a life-line service, this being the case in order to ensure Island residents gain full benefit from these limited services bookings are currently only being taken for residents.

The Shetland Island Council and the Airfield Trusts are continuing to work to reinstate RFFS as soon as possible and Directflight is assisting in this process.