The Airtask DA42 M can be configured for a variety of tasks, this combined with the expertise contained within our specialist team creates the ability to perform a wide array of roles.  These range from military and government covert surveillance, comint, environmental and civil monitoring, imagery and mapping, to navigation system calibration and commissioning.

The aircraft can be re-roled quickly, and can carry a wide range of sensor and communication suites.  These range from high-end military cameras and data-links, to SAR/GMTI radar, LIDAR, hyperspectral cameras, VIDAR Systems, Flight Inspection systems, along with full military-spec communications including secure systems and BLOS satellite links.

The aircraft is extremely flexible, and has incredible range and endurance for a light twin piston class aircraft. Airtask aircraft and personnel are currently contracted to provide Full Motion Video training to the UK Armed Forces in Africa, where the aircraft performs 6 hour missions with 75kg of mission equipment on board, along with 2 crew and sufficient fuel for diversions and reserves.  On this contract, the aircraft has achieved an enviable 100% delivery to the customer, thanks to its high rate of serviceability and Airtask’s robust support structures.