Airtask Group Maintenance Organisation

Airtask Group provides compliant maintenance that meets with the requirements of EASA Part M for all its aircraft. Due to the diversity of its flight operations, Airtask Group contracts the majority of its maintenance to approved maintenance providers in various parts of the United Kingdom that are best located to support our operations.

Our engineers, based around the UK and across the world during aircraft deployments, are managed by the Airtask Group Maintenance Manager.  He is responsible for co-ordinating the compliant maintenance of company aircraft and is a CAA approved Key Post Holder directly accountable to the Managing Director. He ensures that the required maintenance is carried out on all aircraft owned or operated by the company.  He is also the Continuing Airworthiness Manager (CAM) and responsible for monitoring compliance with the CAA approved Minimum Equipment List (MEL).

Major Aircraft Upgrades

Airtask Group have been required to tailor aircraft installations to meet challenging and bespoke operational roles. Mission systems and sensor upgrades have been carried out on behalf of customers in third party airframes and on those owned and operated by Airtask Group. Project Management of these work packages is provided by Airtask Group's Engineering Manager.