Airtask Group has considerable skills, experience and knowledge in the low-level maritime environment, with crews directly involved in enforcing UK policy through accurate monitoring, logging and reporting of marine activity. In fully utilising the expertise and experience acquired through over 35,000 hours in providing UK Maritime Surveillance, Airtask Group can provide a tried and tested approach to providing services thus ensuring quality of service and value for money operations.

The Group primarily utilises the Cessna F406 aircraft for this role, the aircraft is highly suited and well equipped for the maritime surveillance role, carrying a number of sensors and associated equipment for day-night operations. Having been operated in this role for many years, the aircraft have demonstrated their capability when flown by experienced suitably qualified crews with long established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) maximising flexibility and positive results.

The specification of requirements of the Scottish Ministers and Marine Management Organisation required the appointment of a suitably qualified Company/Operator with appropriate approvals, certification, experience, knowledge and resources to meet with the requirements of the aerial surveillance task and any subsequent evidential information. This includes an appropriately qualified and approved management infrastructure. In addition, the operator has to demonstrate the capability to provide suitably trained and tested pilots and system operators conversant with the operational requirements, regulatory framework, role equipment, and with the knowledge and experience of operating the Cessna F406 in the fishery surveillance role. The company also demonstrates an approved engineering capability suitably resourced to properly maintain the aircraft and its specialist role equipment and to ensure an ongoing programme of aircraft husbandry. Such capabilities and resources are underpinned by robust and approved Quality Control and Health and Safety Systems.